June 7, 1999 - Nov. 30, 2009

Ch. Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse is white with a brindle patch over his left eye, giving him the look of a true rogue.  A well toned 61 lbs. with lots of bone, head, brisket, rib, top line and low tail set all spells quality.  An excellent mover, who moves straight down in front while keeping his top line with the correct roll.  He has good length of skull, proper lay back, flat top skull with small rosed ears.  His foreface is beautiful, a true jaw with nice width and wonderful turn up. Healthy problem free black eyes finish off this head piece.  Ch. Cherokee Legend Crazy Horse is the progeny of two of the top winning Bulldogs in Breed History, Ch. Legacy's Cajun Zeus, his sire, and Ch. Cherokee Mardel Sage, his dam. They are also in the BCA Producers Hall Of Fame.   The union that produced Ch. Cherokee Mardel Sage, Ch. Millcoats Titus X Cherokee Falon, has the distinction of having 3 BCA Hall Of Fame Producers in the same litter. They are Ch. Cherokee Mardel Sage, Ch. Cherokee Mardel Rudy Vallee, and Ch. Cherokee Mardel Vincent. This is breed history! Crazy Horse offers you the best of both worlds for your breeding program, top winning show dogs that are also the top producers in the history of our breed, the Bulldog. And speaking of top winning show dogs, Crazy Horse is the sire of "Ch Cherokee Legend Rock".



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